3rd Party Apps

Here you can find a list of 3rd party apps for the Sensordrone, and a brief description. Please follow the provided links to find out more about the applications.

SenseView Sensor

by Mobili

Sensor readouts in real time - simply connect, monitor, track and share sensoric data! SenseView Sensor is a multipurpose sensor data logger. SenseView gives users the opportunity to connect up to 20 different sensor readings from a (current) total of 82 available. Colour coded graphs with adjustable thresholds are completed and shown in real time - simple parameters such as posture, activity, accelerations (x,y,z), proximity, latitude and longitude, light etc ...along with the more complex ones such as heart rate, ECG, respiratory rate - anything the sensor itself can track.

You can get the app from the Google Play Store

NOTE: You will need an add-on app to work with the Sensordrone, also available on the Google Play Store


by Mark Rudolph

DRONE9000 has several "views" and does not necessarily intend to just display a single sensor value. Currently, there are "Ambient Condition", "Carbon Monoxide", and "IR Thermometer". Carbon Monoxide and IR Thermometer simply show those values, as those are interesting applications on their own. Ambient Conditions show temperature, humidity, and pressure all in one place, as those are things one would typically want to see all at once. More views will be added along the way

In addition to real-time measurements, DRONE9000 has a background monitoring service that can log data from each of the 11 sensors (12 counting Altitude) at one hour intervals. This data can be viewed, graphed (with pinch-to-zoom), and exported as a csv file. All data is stored in a database locally on your phone, and can be cleared at any time.

You can get the app from the Google Play Store