Sensordrone Firmware

A cross-platform Java based firmware-update application.

The program is written in Java, so it will work the same on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. The updater is packaged as a self-executing jar file, meaning that all you should needs to do is double-click it to run the program.

Each version of the firmware update program includes all of the previously available firmwares, so we recommend that you download the latest version. We also provide links to previous versions as well.

Need Help?

Check out our support page if you are having trouble running the program.


You will need to download the driver for your computer before you can use our firmware update program, whether it be Linux, OSX, or Window!

The Silicon Labs UART driver for your operating system can be found on their support page.

Latest Versions

SDFirmwareUpdate-1.4 January 2014

Contains firmware version 2.0 and earlier

Sensordrone Android Library

For the latest features and bug fixes, we recommend that you download and compile the latest (SNAPSHOT) version from our bitbucket account located here.

We also provide some pre-compiled versions.

Pre-compiled Versions

Our library is built with using Maven, and the latest stable and snapshot versions of the library can be downloaded from our Archiva repository. The compiled jar files can be downloaded there directly as well.