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Public Developer Forum Locked

Postby wagner » Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:43 am

Dear Sensordrone Developers & Fans,

As of June 26, 2014, Sensorcon is temporarily locking the developer forum. The original intention of the forum was to facilitate open conversation and collaboration between developers in the open source community. Although this was our intention, the reality is that most developers using Sensordrone today are engineers in the commercial or industrial markets, so they are not actually part of the open source community, and they prefer confidential communications with Sensorcon for product development activities rather than public discussions related to development of new products. In addition, many of the posts over the past year have been associated with general technical support questions rather than development support or conversations. Such posts are usually better resolved by directly contacting our support team.

Going forward (at least for now), any questions related to Sensordrone should be directed to the appropriate email below. If Sensordrone users need a support forum or user group forum in the future, we'll setup a new forum for technical support. If there is enough demand for a developer forum from the open source community, we will re-open the developer forum or create a new developer forum.

Contact information:

Product questions:
Technical Support:
OEM/ODM inquiries:
Everything Else:
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